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A Poem By Kat
We take for life granted
and forget its enchanted
No matter if its long, short, miserable or worth it.
Our only choice is to live some of it.
Our jobs can be the worst or the best
You'll always know just one little pest.
But have you ever thought of how lucky you are
To survive this long, you've been far.
You can always be wrong you can always be right.
Maybe you can see far or have no sight.
Can you hear gossip? You should be glad.
What if you were deaf? Would you still be glad.
Just remember you can't miss the things you never had.
Atleast we can think of another day
But, what will happen when we pass away?
There isn't a point in fearing death.
The one thing we fear
Is leaving with that one last breath.
What happens next we may not know
We hope its some place good we go.
We know of life, "QT" has had his part
and from here on he will always be in our heart.
You may mis the music.You may miss his voice,
But remember in his death he had no choice.

A Poem By Suzanne
You had a voice of an angel
A smile that made the sun shine brighter
Just hearing your voice made me forget all my troubles
Seeing your face made my heart beat faster
You had a heart made out of gold
And more courage than anyone I know
You brought hope to so many, while smiling through all the pain
It was as if you were a living breathing angel
You were my angel
Now heaven has got its angel back
You are in a better place now
A place where there is no pain and suffering
And deep in my heart I know there will always be you

Because a part of me has died along with you
Now you are gone And I will forever be missing you
*Rest In Peace Michael James Cuccione* Jan 5 1985 - Jan 13 2001

A Poem By Jen
Everytime i think of Michael i come to tears,he was an amazing
person and i miss him dearly but...'i know eventually we'll be
together'-mariah carey and boyz 2 men One Sweet Day~*

-Although we can't hear him
or feel his warm embrace
We know he's looking down at us
with a smile upon his face
No more pain shall be suffered,
No more wandering
Will i survive?
for all of that is over
and his peace has finally arrived.-

By, Jen..
....we love and miss u michael...
*one sweet day*

Dude I dunno who this is by

"we miss you michael"

knowing that your ok
makes me feel much better
so wheeping whilos dry your tears
michael is ok
we wish you were with us every single day.
michael we really miss you,
you inspierd us all
forever and ever youll be on my wall
2gether wont be the same
without the heartthrob QT.
will always remember you as the young cutie.
monday,tuesday,wendsday all trough the week.
we miss u michael and will never get to sleep..............