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"In my silence you told me if Im crazy console me cause in each others arms is where i wanna stay"

"Hes like an upside down rainbow, his smile brings out the sun."

"Sometimes you must live through the darkness in order to see the light-you must visualize."

"I never knew that love could put a spell on me, then you walked into the room."

"Never give up on hope, never give up on faith, never give up on love."

"Well Ive never been good at history and I dont give a crap about Robert E. Lee!"

"And she thought I had chiggers so she had to check me all over. ALL OVER."

"U plus me baby!"

"I just think the hardest part is just knowing that hes not gonna walk through the front door, hes not gonna be there"-Evan Farmer

"Its just never gonna be the same again without Michael"-Noah Bastian

"I think about Michael every day, when I wake up. Its still a huge shock i guess"-Kevin Farley

"The World has many boybands, but none like 2gether"

Bob Buss: Tell them that fancy soundin thing you've got
QT: Bilary Thrombosis
Mickey: Whats that mean man?
Bob Buss: It means hes dying

"We're gonna get so many chicks and im totally ready for it. Check this out: "OH QT YOU'RE THE BEST LOOKING MEMBER OF 2GETHER!" "shh dont speak" Dont stop ever!"

"I wish the concept of the video was like a ton of chicks, like 100 of them. Stealing our stuff, stealing our clothes-while they're on us-that would be fun. Or, we could steal their stuff, like their clothes. THAT WOULD BE FUN"

"No I was telling you guys that on my book tour I kissed 5 girls in 1 night."

"I was sleeping after playing 6 hours of playstation"
"They got playstation 2??"
"Playstation 3!"

"Life can be cruel, but also kind. What I've seen people go through, blows my mind. If you think about the good, your day will shine. And thats why I'm gonna take one day at a time."

"DONT DISS MY FISH!"(I love that quote!)

"QT is sittin in his room all pissed off about how Chad took away his life and called Chad a bistird-whats that?"
"Oh, QT is trying not to curse."
"OH that explains why he gave Chad half the finger"
"Lets get to know each other better in a special way, I think about you baby each night and day"

Chad: "You're not a good parent, you don't know anything about fish!"
QT: "I know that they need water to breathe."
Chad: "Oops..."
"I dont wanna be a stupid bunny!"

"You gotta let me go....But I'm a "Make a Wish" kid and I wish to go with them!"