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I wrote these poems-please send me yours

I cant believe you're really gone, you didnt deserve to die
Now i cant listen to your voice without starting to cry.
Your smile could always make my glad when i was feeling kinda down.
I could always get happier with my 2gether cd or movie around.
You were such a fighter and accomplished so much in only 16 years.
You overcome cancer twice and must have overcome so many fears.
The world will not be the same without the gift you've given us all.
And when Im sad ill look at a picture of your smiling face on my wall.
You left behind loving family, friends, and adoring fans.
But, Im happy to know that you're at least safe in God's hands.
Your life can to a tragic end January thirteen.
Just eight days after you turned sixteen.
Now with your death, my love for you will only increase.
Michael Cuccione, you'll be loved forever, REST IN PEACE.

Though it is not shown for the entire world to see,
There, deep within my soul, is an emptiness inside of me.
It used to be filled with your spirit, your happiness, and smile.
But since I've been filled with this joy has been quite awhile.
When I heard the news I wanted to believe it was some kind of joke,
Or a horrible nightmare of which I wish I could have awoke.
I regret never having a chance to say goodbye to you,
But, I regret even more not being able to say hello too.
Until we are reunited, my angel, I will never be whole,
And I will always have an emptiness inside of me, deep within my soul.